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Gujarat is a state of India, which offers a lot to people in terms of colour, festivity, culture and some fabulous varieties of food. Of all the beautiful cities of Gujarat, Vadodara is a city of the perfect mixture of fun, festivity, and colour. It is situated on the banks of Vishwamitri river.

Vadodara is mainly known for the very famous Lakshmi Vilas Palace. It used to be the home to the Royal Maratha family, the Gaekwads, living in the city. Its architecture and the whole complex with magnificent gardens and fountains are worth capturing by one’s eyes. The other very famous place in Vadodara is the Sayaji Baug. It is a rich and a very highly maintained garden, spread like a carpet in around 113 acres. The garden is embossed upon with rich flora all over. The most interesting fact about this place is that it houses around 98 species of trees. Beauty at its best! If one visits the Sayaji Baug, then the person automatically hits a double jackpot. How come? It is so because the Sayaji Baug is the home to the Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery. The gallery preserves some of the most exclusive works of art and literature.

To find ease in exploring the beautiful city of Vadodara, this is where the hotels in Vadodara step in. The hotels are widespread all over the city. The range and variety definitely depend upon one’s purchasing power. The best thing is, that all the hotels in the city, put their extreme-best foot forward, being unconditional about the fact of the ability to spend. They provide the best hospitality to make one’s experience of exploring Vadodara, the most memorable.

Apart from places to go and see in Vadodara, the city is very famous for the lip-smacking food items that belong to the city. There is a big list of the delicious snacks. One of them which is a must for anyone who visits Vadodara for the first time or for the hundredth time is Sev Usal. It is a delicious snack, made of peas, which is heavily garnished with Sev, chopped onions and tangy sauce. One spoon of this and nirvana is achieved! The other popular food item of Vadodara is Dabeli. Dabeli is a food item originated in the Kutch of Gujarat but is a very popular snack in Vadodara. It is made up of mashed potatoes, mixed with the dabeli spice and then finally pressed it between the pav(bread). Other than these, Farsan, Fafda and Jalebi etc. are the famous snack item of Vadodara.

Hotels in Vadodara near the railway station should be the final choice if coming by train. These hotels are beautifully maintained with the best hospitality provision. The hotels being near to the railway station definitely save time and helps one to get soaked into the city in the most effective way.

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