gastric botox needle


What is stomach botox? The gastric botox needle, is one of the non-surgical obesity treatments in Turkey, which is the application of the Botox procedure in an endoscopic way to certain points of the stomach of the patient whose body mass index ranges between 25 and 35 and who cannot lose weight no matter how hard he tries. For the past approximately 2-3 years, we bariatric surgeons have been carefully monitoring the process of gastric botox injections. The gastric botox procedure, which should be called gastric botoxin butylene injection, is gaining rapid popularity among patients who do not wish to undergo a procedure. Surgery because of its risks. First we have to say that the gastric botox procedure is not a completely new procedure in Turkey. In fact, this procedure has been used for many years to treat some gastrointestinal conditions such as achalasia, gastroparesis, anal fissure and some other gastrointestinal diseases. What is new about “gastric botox” is that it is newly used to treat obesity, otherwise it is a completely old procedure.

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