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Immunity is the Essence

Several Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon talks about the importance of Immunity, being a key factor that resists you from some deadly diseases. And to keep that immunity intact a lot of vitamins and minerals are required which we tend to forget to inculcate in our diets. These Rehabs in Gurgaon state that many people are unaware of some very common eatables around us that are really beneficial to us in one or the other aspects. Therefore, in collaboration, the Rehabs in New Delhi have mentioned some foods that must be included in your food routine so that you stay away from these diseases and also have a healthy life cycle.


Papaya is mostly not liked by children since the taste is not so catchy enough for the young tongues. But there are so many positives about the fruit that you can't ignore the fruit. A must have in your diet and a must have fruit in a day. Follicular acids present in the fruit make it boost up one's immunity and help in building up the immune system stronger.


Rich in vitamin E it is actually an immunity booster. Fat soluble vitamins which require fats to get digested in the body. The oils present in the food helps to raise up the immune system and thus prevents unwanted diseases. It is recommended that one should take at least 8-10 almonds everyday in the morning.


The odour ingredient of our kitchens and also the kinky taster is another immune building food. It is good at lowering blood pressure so that it does not rise . Also another characteristic is that it helps in avoiding stiffness in the arteries. The zingy ingredient is also a fighter against various infections so including it daily in your diet is really beneficial.

Citrus fruits

Generally a lot of people are not very fond of citrus fruits since some find its flavour sour or not pleasant to the tongue. And that's when they lack. Since citrus fruits are the key Vitamin C carriers and thus eating them is ingesting vitamins as well boosting the immunity. Because Citrus fruits increase the white blood cell count which the disease fighting cell are.




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