The Importance of Health Education

The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon with collaboration with the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon states that it is important because it informs one about his/her health. By knowing our health we can take steps to prevent our health from diseases. The Addiction Treatment Centre in Gurgaon thus commented that we can also educate other people about their health. It creates an awareness and importance of our health.

Types of health education

It is mainly concerned with fitness of the body. When we talk about fitness, it is necessary to change our transportation patterns. Cycling is introduced in order to maintain fitness. Educating the body is very essential so that one can get an idea of the functions happening in our body.

Education about available health services

People in a nation should have known the available health services in their nation. Because it helps them to get a clear cut idea on how to act in a crisis. In this, they are taught about what should be done in an accident area or any other emergency conditions. Moreover, it is like a first-aid treatment. This is very essential because it may even save lives after tragic conditions.

Educating about public health

All the policies of health are being taught. The ultimate need for attaining good health is through food. This sector mainly covers food policies. The rates and subsidies for food are decided. It includes taking statistics of proper food consumption by the people. It also looks after agricultural policies. Building a road for cycling also comes under this category. This proves all policies are taken care of under this public health. Public health is nothing but analysing the data on health over all the people in the nation. So that the nation's health could be improved.

Strategies of health education

    It includes the conduction of programs, seminars.

    Slides, CDs, books, recorded audios are provided to the learners in order to give better knowledge.

    Knowledge and training of the tutor is ensured thoroughly.

    Convenient places are set up for the learners in order to participate in a large amount.

    Quality of food, transport and many other criteria for proper health is taken into consideration and further steps to improve them according to our surroundings and nation's resources are being taught.

School health education

    It involves teaching the school children about proper hygiene.

    Proper hygiene is taught to prevent communicable diseases among children which usually spreads rapidly among them.

    In addition to this, there are several problems related to children and adolescents.

    It is also taught to them.

    Access to mental, emotional health is also being taught to them.

    This promotes the overall health of the school.

    It also creates a good impact among children.

    It creates the importance of taking care of our health among the children.

    They tend to look after their hygiene without anyone's instructions.

Three main examples of health education

Hygiene promotion

Washing hands properly and eating timely is essential. Proper sanitation is very important. Napkins used during the menstrual cycle have to be changed periodically. One napkin for the whole day is very dangerous to our health. It may even cause severe cancer in women. Napkins must be changed for every 3 to 5 hours. Clothes or any other stuff should not be used instead of napkins. Clothes will surely be an entry gate of infectious agents that is why napkins are suggested.

Micronutrient education

The word micronutrient describes the nutrients needed only in micro-level quantities in humans. Its quantity should not be increased. At the same time, these micronutrients contribute a major role in the regulation of hormones, enzymes. These hormones and enzymes regulate the various functions in our body.




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