The COVID-19 Masking Mosaic!


The citizens of the planet have been wearing masks for almost two years now or rather have been forced to do so in light of the covid-19 pandemic that seems very reluctant to help reveal the long-awaited concealment of Homo sapiens. There have been varying degrees of protests, complaints, or risks of wearing masks continuously. Somehow, citizens are showing signs of acute mask fatigue which is actually unfair even to hint at in light of the pandemic fatigue experienced by the tirelessly working medical fraternity-especially during peak periods like India's disastrous second wave. However, the angle of the citizens can not be wished away, because this is very real; in some cases, the mask of fatigue leads to massive protest marches/uprisings in the United States or in some European countries such as Germany. Therefore, it becomes our noble duty to analyze factors while, of course, keeping our faithfulness mask in a safe place.

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