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5 Suggestions For Making Judges More Just!


For the nation, which claims to maintain a fundamental balance of powers, though, presumably, the protections embedded, in the Constitution of the United States, it seems to many, in recent years, while the executive branch has gained considerable additional power and control, the other two branches (legislative and judicial) seem to have lost a lot of them! How many times, it does not seem, so many judges, today, especially, so many recent appointments, instead of reviewing cases, laws, and legality, with an open mind, have proceeded, in a partisan, political perspective/ approach? Do not remember, when we respected most judges, and judges, because, we felt, the attitude deserved such respect? How many of us, I think, have seen, this change, and the current makeup, the Supreme Court, have seemed to lose the necessary/necessary degree of impartiality, and some of their decisions, appear, more based on politics, than laws, and our Constitution? With, this in mind, this article will attempt, brief, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 specific suggestions, to ensure future judges and magistrates are, more just, fair, and truly, judicial.

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