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Prefer Running over Walking

The Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi in collaboration with the Addiction Treatment Centre in New Delhi discusses the high debate between running and walking. So this is the most discussed and overrated myth since a lot of people believe that walking reduces weight. Walking cannot be relied upon to reduce weight since walking does not involve the loss of that particular amount of calories that actually weight.

This does not mean that walking is not good, walking is good for health and also maintains the digestive system of the body if done early morning and after dinner. But only walking cannot be relied upon to reduce weight since walking involves loss of only a few calories while running not just includes loss of calories but also the fact that it builds up stamina and increases perseverance.

The Addiction Treatment Centre in New Delhi states that walking is good exercise for those who are unable to run, for example old people who have a little stamina and end up feeling tired more often due to their age factor and various other factors. So for elderly people walking is a good exercise and also to maintain their bodies since for them what's important is the fact that they should be comfortable in what they do rather than what their body requires. And excluding the elderly ones everyone should choose running over walking since walking alone cannot reduce weight , it can maintain weight but cannot decrease it since there is no extra effort which the body certainly needs.

Running in the morning is really helpful for health and fitness purposes since running in the morning not only lets you run more but also the fact that soothes you is that you get to breathe fresh air which is really beneficial since it is highly rich and pure. Also a routine of exercise combined with your running schedule helps a lot of calories to burn out.


Walking should be done in the night after you have your dinner since dinner does have time to digest during night because usually sleep time comes after one has its dinner so to digest it and avoiding any vomiting and gastric troubles it is important to go for a walk everyday after dinner.





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