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Shireen Lakdawala offering Unique Ladies Pakistani Designer Dresses in the USA

Finding Pakistani designer clothes in the USA often proves a little harder than finding other clothing. There are two main reasons for this. First, unawareness about where to find a huge collection of Pakistani dresses. Secondly, there is misinformation about affordability –most Pakistani people or lovers of these clothing think they are too expensive. Now you can easily find captivating, trending, newest, and fashionable clothing in the USA and shop online.

Shireen Lakhdawala is a rising platform where you can shop for different Pakistani designer clothes ranging from formal wear to luxury pret, formals, Kohinoor, Zohrab, to Muntazir style statements. Each one of these offers something unique in terms of colors and embroidery styles. Here is a brief about each fashion statement.

Luxury Pret

The luxury collection comprises a variety of sober and yet chic color combinations with different types of embroidery styles. Some have a lot of embroideries, others have moderate artistic work, and some have beads, shisha, or tassels. Some have printed designs that look very appealing and breathtakingly captivating. Each of the fashion statements in this category makes you look fashionable and trendy.

Formal Wear

We all know how amazing Pakistani clothing in the formal wear category is. They make you look very corporate, decent, and elegant at the same time. What is even more impressive is the unique color sense these clothes offer. They are not very flamboyant, nor are the fabric one that makes you feel uncomfortable. You look and feel relaxed while working for several hours. In a formal event, they make you stand out from the crowd subtly and elegantly.

There are two major classifications of these clothes:

·       Heavy

These clothes have more embroidery than others do. Depending on your fashion style, you can choose all kinds of designs.

·       Light

These clothes have light embroidery on them, so if you like less embroidery on clothes, then you should opt for these.

If you are looking to add something new to your wardrobe, then we recommend checking out the following three categories:

Kohinoor Designs:

As the name implies, the Pakistani designer clothes in this category are all simply spectacular! The colors and combination of embroidery, tassels, beads, etc. are just awesome.

Zohrab Designs:

If you love to dress in Pakistani clothes that have a certain depth in their colors and designs, then this is the fashion line for you. Each item here is gorgeous and flamboyant in a uniquely classy and elegant way.

Muntazir Designs:

Pakistani designer clothes in this category are all ideal for celebrations and special occasions. You will fall in love with the way the designers balance the contrasting threads and motifs all through the clothes. They are good for formal events as well.

Order Pakistani Designer Clothes Online Today

You can easily shop for Pakistani dresses in the U.S. and place an order online. Be sure that you get the best quality at the most affordable prices. Enjoy making your wardrobe chic and trendy.



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