Problems in Hotel Cabana, Florida, USA: Since the structure or the hotel is located near the seashore, structural cracks occur to RCC members, and reinforcement bars were corroded heavily. The hotel authorities were confused on how to prevent the corrosion and leakage issues. The structure was in distress due to corrosion, leakages, and other associated problems. The major leakage occurs through the balcony area. As per the laws of the county, if the structure had to be demolished and rebuilt, sufficient areas would have been lost due to set back. Fortunately, we came to their rescue with our successful systems. The following methodology was adopted to prevent corrosion and leakage problems: Application: Application of rust remover and passivator. Application of rust preventing coating Application of acrylic polymer for mortar modification. Conclusion: To infuse enhanced residual life, we suggested a Polymer/Chemical system to combat the already set in distress due to chloride ingress. Thus, we were able to prevent corrosion and leakage problems in Hotel Cabana, Florida, USA. Location: Cabana Hotels, Florida, USA Consultant: M.S. Structural Engineers, Florida Contractor: Mr. Patric Petterson & Associates, Florida Material Consultant: Sunanda Speciality Coatings Pvt. Ltd, India E-mail: Website:

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