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Are you looking for electrician training in Montana? Do you want to live big, go on expensive holiday retreats and retire wealthy? If so, you are in the right place! 

Becoming an electrician not only guarantees you of a big house and luxurious vehicles but it also secures your future. This is because the highest-paid electricians earn around $109,600 a year. Others such as power line installers and repairers earn $77,650 - $98,000. According to the US Bureau of Labor statics, electricians in rural Montana are the 2nd highest in the country making them one of the top wealthiest electricians in America. 

    One reason as to why they are among the wealthiest in America is because of a construction boom that drove up prices. To hammer the point let us compare their average salaries with other professions. The information wage rate below was gathered from the Montana Department of Labor and Industry; 

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