Top Most Online Insurance Company’s in The World


"Fun in life is  Like an Insurance the more you invest, the more you get" Insurance is defined as shelter from any financial loss, with the advancement in technology online insurance become more popular day by day. Online insurance is safer, more convenient, and less costly. Insurer directly deals with an insurance company, they can easily compare their policies and chooses the best plan which is suitable for them. It is also known as Tension Free Insurance. The topmost insurance companies are below:

ESURANCE Insurance Services, Inc.

Esurance was founded in 1999; it is an American insurance company and headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States. It is the first insurance company that directly sells its policies to consumers. This insurance company deals with automobiles, house, and motorcycle and it also offers a wide range of policies. It also claims to be the first insurer to offer plans to the same-gender couple. It was selected as the best overall provider because of its user-friendly platform, which offers a variety of insurance products without requiring you to speak with an agent unless you specifically want to.

Lemonade, Inc.

Lemonade is a non-profit organization that gives a major portion of its profit to charity. It offered car insurance, renters insurance, pet insurance, and term life insurance. It provides online insurance coverage in less than two minutes rather this approval of simple claims is paid in a connected bank account immediately with the help of artificial intelligence. It has approx. 1 million consumers and 75% of the customer are under the age of 35.

Root Insurance Co.

Root was founded in 2015 and has headquarters in Ohio, United State. It provides only auto insurance and interacts with drivers through the root mobile application. This app traces driving habits such as hand break, speed, and mileage through this they calculate the insurance rate. No agent is needed because the entire process is handled by the app. This application can download from the app store and many android phones.

Oscar Health, Inc.

Oscar is an American health insurance company. It is also connected via a mobile application. Through this app, we can call doctors at any time. This app offers 24/7 on-call doctor service. In order to benefit patients, the company focuses primarily on providing health insurance and open claims procedures. Moreover, health wellness incentives are provided by the company for being physically active.

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