New Era of Technologies that roll over The WORLD


"I would not be impressed with technology until I can download food", but that day is not too far away when without technology our society would go into a tailspin. During a pandemic, every businessman realizes that their role will not stay the same it will c

5G Network

A 5th generation wireless network that virtually connects with everyone and everything including machines, air conditioners, and objects too. It delivers high-speed data with more reliability, more user, and higher performance. With high- speed, data the businessman will also enhance their business and make worldwide connectivity.

For instance:  Pokémon Go is a virtual game, the game will give the players a chance to find an object and this type of content compelled the people to think that how any of their objects extended.

Genetic Modification

Genetic technology or you can say genetic manipulation is used to change or modify genes with the help of genetic technology. Biotechnology is promoted to that position where it can improve or change the characteristics of DNA. It is unimaginable that someone could alter their height, eye color, hair color, or any genetic disease. One of the best results of genetic modification is the creation genetic modified crops or we can say GM crops that help in increasing production and decreasing soil pollution.

For Example, the first GM food is tomato which helps in increasing its shelf life.


A Belgian company that makes robotic machines that helps in moving heavy packages and package products together for customer delivery. It makes our work more easily and saves lots of time and effort. Amazon always advanced in terms of technology they acquire the clooster man to make a safe workplace for employees. Amazon create a million jobs for the young generation now it’s exciting to see the new chapter of innovation that how amazon used this new robotic technology.

Unmanned aerial vehicle

It is commonly known as Drone which is an aircraft without any pilot, crew, or passenger. With the modernization in technology the use of drones increasing, the first time it is used by the US military was in 1990 and after the development of technology now UAV is also used in NASA missions. The Dragonfly UAV is launched to mission Saturn to examine titan. Drones can easily reach places where humans cannot.

OLI- An Electric Concept Car

A  French auto come out with this tremendous electric version of a new car called OLI, the best part of this car is it is made up of recycled materials. The second benefit is that oil is only 1000kg and can travel up to 400km on a single charge rather than the roof of this car is made with cardboard and a vertical windscreen is designed to reduce the amount of glass needed. The design of Oli allows for at least three generations of recycling.

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