Divine Compassion and the Covenant of Peace


Many are the manners by which God is attempting to spread the word about Himself for ourselves and convey us into fellowship with Him. Nature addresses our faculties consistently. The open heart will be fascinated with the warmth and heavenliness of God as uncovered through made by His hands. The listening ear can hear and grasp the correspondence of God through the things of nature. The green fields, the raised trees, the buds and blossoms, the passing cloud, the falling precipitation, the chattering river, and the wonders of the sky, address our hearts and welcome us to get to know Him who made them all. Because God is love for us. Our Savior bound up His significant illustrations with the things of nature. The trees, the birds, the blossoms of the valleys, the slopes, the lakes, and the great sky, as well as the occurrences and ecological factors of everyday existence, were totally associated with the expressions of truth, that His examples could subsequently be habitually evaluated to mind, even in the midst of the bustling considerations of man's life of work. God would have His youngsters esteem His works and savor the experience of the straightforward, quiet greatness with which He has embellished our regular home. He is an admirer of the great or all the more all that is obviously charming He cherishes the superbness of character; He would have us foster ethicalness and straightforwardness, the quiet graces of the blossoms. the magnificence of the world will be the Sealing of God's People.

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