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How Maximilian Dealt With The Abandoned Cliente...

For decades, hundreds of shoppers go to Bloomingdale's Fur Vault in search of a new winter coat. Too bad things aren't the same anymore now that they've gone from selling all-natural fur coats to faux fur.

The news that Bloomingdale's Fur Vault was no longer a reliable fur storage partner came as a shock to many of the store's regulars. With Bloomingdale's and Macy's leaving the fur business, Maximilian has also stopped doing business with those stores.

Many regulars at Bloomingdale's are upset that the Fur Vault now sells fake fur instead of real fur. They don't care that disposable clothing and synthetic fur are bad for the environment. Don't worry, though; we've come up with a plan to help you satisfy your yearning for luxurious fur jackets without breaking the bank.

Enter: Maximilian.

The Furs of Maximillian
Maximilian was a part of Bloomingdale's Fur Vault for 20 years before the business made a drastic shift in the materials it used. These days, you can get Bloomingdale's Fur Vault's entire line of luxurious fake fur apparel at a wide range of brick-and-mortar, online, and mobile stores across the world.

Making the switch to Maximilian will alleviate the nostalgia felt by those who have been living in the past and long for the days of Fur Vault. As a world-famous fur store, Maximilian offers its customers only the best products and services, such as a selection of luxury furs from all over the world that can't be found anywhere else.

Maximilian's salons offer a wide range of services, such as restyles, repairs, and alterations.

An Immaculate Heritage
Alternatives to actual furs, such as synthetic materials, are occasionally brought up in debates over animal welfare. However, the manufacturing process that faux fur goes through before it reaches the store shelves is extremely unethical due to the damage it does to the environment.

The term "sustainability" has become increasingly important in recent years within the fashion business. Still, the fact is that real furs are completely safe for the planet and can be used forever without hurting the environment.

To make sure that the chemicals used to treat fur are safe for people to eat, the fashion industry must follow the same rules as any other industry. This process makes it possible to reuse resources whenever that is feasible.

When resources are managed in a sustainable way, we lessen our impact on the environment and on people. Real furs can be passed down through the generations and decompose naturally, while fake fur often ends up in landfills.

An Investment With Long-Term Rewards
Because of their luxurious warmth and striking good looks, fur coats have been a mainstay in women's fashion around the world for decades. Nothing beats a real fur coat if you want to impress others with your refined taste.

They epitomize the term "classic" with absolute accuracy. Some fur coats can be quite expensive, but they are definitely an investment that will pay off in the long run. An investment in a high-quality fur coat is money well spent because it may be enjoyed for many seasons.

To put it simply, Maximilian is a master of fur and outerwear design.

Maxmilian carries a large selection of mink and fox furs at their many locations and on their website.

Maximilian has a vast collection of furs to choose from. Jackets, coats, and hats, along with all the other cold-weather garb, are provided. Maximilian can be reached at 1-800-TLC-FURS or via email at if you have any inquiries regarding the products or the design.

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