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When the Packaging era will die?


The process of manufacturing packaging using paper and cardboard has its roots in the workshops of small printing presses. Many processes that are today the fundamental steps to paper and hard-board rigid box making are quite literally similar to bookbinding. Today, it seems like packaging will never die as the consumer era is rising phenomenally by the minute, corona or not. However the post consumer waste generated from Packaging is so immense that companies like Amazon are offering substantial rewards for minimal packaging and for creating frustration-free unboxing experiences. he humble paper box which is meant to protect products during transit, becomes a nuisance immediately after delivery of the product. With e-commerce on the rise, large quantities of this packaging waste is generated day by day, city by city, person by person. In Sivakasi, a small enterprising town in the South of India where Fireworks and Printing dominated as the core industries for over five decades, today these are becoming obsolete sectors as the process of manufacturing them is either extremely risky or not viable as a business any longer. We now enter an era of new businesses waiting to startup and disrupt these undisturbed hamlets around Sivakasi which employs hundreds of thousands of people. Packaging will enter a new phase of wipeout of the old traditional methods of manufacturing and will make room for innovation and progress in business and life... but with minimal intrusion of packaging!

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