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Zinc oxide nanopowder is extensively used in rubber processing industry. It helps to modify various qualities of rubber such as durability, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance etc. It activates the curing process of rubber, improves cross linking density and also improves anti-aging property of rubber.

ZnO Nanopowder For Rubber

While zinc oxide is effective, the nano size particles of zinc oxide are more effective in different industrial applications. ZnO nanopowder for rubber is used in the whole hog of rubber processing such as vulcanisation, stabilisation of foam, pigmentation, tyre manufacturing etc. These particles have some special properties owing to their nano size and huge surface area. In fact, it is the huge surface area that enhances the effectiveness of ZnO nanopowder.

ZnO Nanopowder

ZnO nanopowder particles have a diameter of less than 100 nanometers. They are also available in less than 50 nanometers of size. They are very thin and huge area compared to weight. This enhances the available surface area for activation reactions. However, it is not only the surface area that matters, there are some special properties.

Properties Of Zinc Oxide Nanopowder

You can get ZnO nanopowder not just as powders, but also as dispersions. These particles are antibacterial, anti-corrosion, antifungal and UV filtering. This is why ZnO Nanopowder for Rubber finds such an extensive range of usage. Apart from vulcanisation of rubber, these nanopowders are also used in heat stabilisation, foam stabilisation, pigmentation and light stabilisation.

Use Of Zinc Oxide nanopowder across industries

Latex Gelation

ZnO can work as an agent to help foam solidify by freezing. This is useful in latex production required in mattress manufacturing.

Heat Stabilization

These nanoparticles are very stable against high temperature. Since vehicle tyres need to withstand extreme temperatures owing to friction at high speed, these nanoparticles find extensive use in manufacturing tires. Because of these particles you feel safe even while running long distances in high speed.

Light Stabilization

These nanopowders can absorb UV rays of sun. It is because of ZnO nanopowders that ultraviolet rays cannot harm vehicle rubber tyres. Tinted rubber also requires protection against these rays since they are used mostly to cover electronic items and some other applications. Nanoparticles help producing tinted rubber.


Pigmented rubber is required in various applications. ZnO nanopowder when mixed with rubber can render pigmented rubber.

Synthesizing ZnO Nanopowders

For effective use of nanoparticles, you need to procure pure nanoparticles. Synthesising them is not an easy job. There are certified suppliers who supply nanopowders of defined measurement and purity. You need to procure zinc oxide nanoparticles from these certified sources only. Impure ZnO nanopowder cannot render the same effect as pure ones. Therefore, you need to make sure that you procure the material only from trusted sources.

Authors Bio: Richard has been a professor in material science. He has good knowledge of ZnO Nanopowder for Rubber and other nanomaterial and writes articles on the above topics.

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