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As more businesses recognise that their reception is vulnerable to GDPR non-compliance, the popularity of modern Guest Management Solutions (VMS) with digital capabilities has skyrocketed. TDS has compiled a list of Value Adding Guest Management solution Benefits for businesses looking to digitise their front-of-house reception area.


Professional First Impressions


"You only get one chance to make a good first impression." This is especially true for businesses that take pride in providing memorable and one-of-a-kind experiences. Regardless of size, an organization's approach to visitor management is a good indicator of its desire to provide a positive on-site experience. Our Fortune 500 clients understand that any opportunity to demonstrate innovation is an opportunity to provide a positive experience.


 Reinforced Branding


Most modern Guest Management solutions allow clients to reinforce their branding in the solution's front end. Company colours can be displayed on hardware devices, logos can be uploaded to the front end of the solution, and screensaver rolls can be designed to match brand guidelines. These are just a few of the options available to businesses looking to fully integrate a Guest Management solution.


Modernised Reception


A traditional guest log and a Guest Management solution are vastly different. A Guest Management solution not only looks more professional and aesthetically pleasing, but it is also infinitely more productive and efficient with consistent future-proof development.


 Increased Security


To ensure sensitive third-party information is securely stored and kept confidential, settings in the solution's back office can be configured to ensure only authorised personnel have access to visitor data, limiting data breach possibilities to a small group of trusted individuals.


As previously stated, GDPR legislation allows third parties to request copies of captured data and the right to purge any data pertaining to them. Visitors' data can be found, shared, or deleted by simply searching their name or reference code.


Embracing Paperless


Creating and maintaining GDPR-compliant reception environments is extremely difficult, if not impossible, using traditional Guest Management processes. Traditional methods require multiple hours of administrative labour and large quantities of paper to ensure third-party data is safely stored, filed, and secured due to an over-reliance on paper-based reporting.


Modern Guest Management solutions eliminate the need for paper by storing, filing, and easily accessing visitor information in the solution's back office. Receptionists or administrators can simply search for the guest's name or reference number and make the requested changes if a third party wishes to have their data purged or made anonymous following their site visit.


Reduced Waiting Times


Organizations can effectively reduce visitor wait times by using host notifications. For both hosts and visitors, instant notifications are one of the most valuable features of modern Guest Management solutions. With text, email, Slack, and Skype as rich media messaging options, hosts can stay informed and send improved communication with a variety of communication options to choose from.


Increased Productivity


Groups and large parties can be pre-registered in the back office prior to their arrival on-site, as mentioned in 'Increased Office Efficiency.' Individuals who have pre-registered can streamline their on-site check-in experience by simply entering their reference details before alerting the host of their arrival. While self-service check-in options benefit visitors and other third parties, receptionists benefit from one of the most dynamic productivity shifts because they can relieve the burdens associated with processing visitor check-ins and devote more time to completing other tasks.


Global Scalability


A good Visitor Management solution is highly flexible and scalable, which means it can be easily customised to meet the needs of a growing organisation. TDS Visitor can be quickly customised, updated, and serviced through a direct, ongoing service relationship, allowing for easier changes when they are required.


Health and Safety Compliance


Multiple or selected health and safety documents, such as NDAs and Terms & Conditions, can be uploaded as part of a Visitor Management solutions check-in workflow or pre-registration workflow for on-site arrivals to sign prior to being fully checked in. Once these documents have been signed, a digital copy is sent to the visitor's back-office profile for sharing or future reference.

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