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How to build backlinks for new site in 2023

Backlinks are always a crucial aspect of any website's search engine optimization (SEO) plan. Backlinks not only help improve the credibility and authority of your website but also have a big impact on your website's ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). However, securing high-quality backlinks can be challenging, especially for those new to SEO. That's why we've put together this comprehensive guide to help you understand everything about acquiring backlinks and how to get them for your website.

The Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are links from other websites that lead to your website. These links act as a "vote of confidence" from other websites, indicating to search engines that your website is trustworthy and relevant. The more high-quality backlinks you have pointing to your website, the higher the chances that search engines will consider your website an authority in your industry. This, in turn, can help boost your website's ranking on SERPs and drive more organic traffic to your website.

Types of Backlinks

Backlinks can be divided into two categories: dofollow and nofollow. Dofollow links transfer "link juice" to your website, which enhances your website's authority and ranking. On the other hand, nofollow links do not transfer link juice and are typically used to link to external sites that the linking website does not endorse or vouch for.

Ways to Get Easy Backlinks

Getting backlinks can be challenging, but there are several strategies you can use to secure high-quality links that will improve your website's ranking. Here are some of the best tactics for acquiring backlinks:

Guest Posting

Guest posting is an excellent method to acquire high-quality backlinks to your website. Look for a blog or website in your industry that accepts guest posts and submit a well-written article that includes a link to your website. This will help you establish relationships with other websites in your industry and provide valuable backlinks to your website.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building involves locating broken links on other websites and offering to replace the broken link with a link to your website. This is a great way to acquire backlinks while also enhancing the user experience on other websites.


Infographics are visually appealing ways to present information, and they can be a fantastic method to acquire backlinks to your website. Create an informative and visually appealing infographic and reach out to websites in your industry offering to let them share it on their site with a link to your website.

Resource Pages

Resource pages are pages on other websites that list resources related to a particular topic. Reach out to websites in your industry with resource pages and offer to have your website included on their list of resources. This can be a great way to acquire easy backlinks that will improve your website's ranking.


Backlinks are an essential part of any website's SEO strategy, and getting high-quality backlinks can be a challenge. However, there are several strategies you can use to get easy backlinks, such as guest posting, broken link building, infographics, and resource pages. By using these strategies, you can improve your website's ranking on SERPs and drive more organic traffic to your website.

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