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On average, an adult receives four calls every day from companies trying to sell their products or services. It should be interesting to know that over $2 trillion business worth is conducted over phone calls annually. Now, you must have understood how vital an outbound call center is for your business. Another surprising study suggests that “it takes an agent 8 calls to get the prospect on the phone.


The global average conversion rate is in-between 2-3%, and it can be tough to sell products and services for those who are just talking over the phone.


Why measuring metrics is important


     Separates melody from the noise

     Highlights errors and challenges

     Managers can optimize processes to make the most of deployed resource

     Provide opportunities to improve the script and add more resources for measurable results

     Help managers keep a tab on changing requirements

     Educates about the underlying patterns and customer behaviors


Results that come with ignored metrics


Outbound call centers are there to educate customers about new products or selling the service. The end goal is either to acquire a new customer or upsell to an existing one. Agents here utilize a sales script with the help of an advanced system and offer requisite customer information. The ultimate role here is to dial and convince users to make a purchase.


Now, that may sound simple and linear; however, the overall work is pretty dramatic and parabolic, similar to how the education call center performs. Remember, chances are that nothing may go according to the plan. Everything is dependent upon the concurrent state of the customer.


When you have the option to measure metrics, you can keep a close tab on all things that can go off the track. Missing these metrics can have a significant effect on your business.


Outbound contact center metrics to emphasize on


 Average Sale Per Agent


Average sales per agent are perhaps the most frequently mentioned contact center metrics. Moreover, this metric helps display the agent’s performance, team contributions, and clusters over a specified period. Measuring this metric offers an excellent understanding of how a contact center is performing.


Call Completion Rate


Call completion rate is an exclusive metric for most financial services outsourcing. Moreover, with the recent features where customers can “request a callback,” even inbound call centers have started measuring it.


The metrics primarily refer to several calls that were connected successfully in comparison to those that failed. Here, you can calculate the rates by dividing the number of successfully connected calls during the day/hour by the total number of attempted calls.


Cost Per Call (CPC)


Cost Per Call is a crucial metric. This metric alone helps the organization decide if they want to continue with the existing call center service provider or not. Here, the metric measures the cost incurred by the call center to call customers for a particular stint. The outbound call center calculates it by dividing the total operational cost of the firm by the total number of calls made by the allocated resources during a given period.




Outsourcing helps organizations generate more leads, propagate correct information for brand building and generate upselling opportunities. We highly recommend partnering with professional institutions to make the overall process seamless. 

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