Word Unlicensed Product

If you want to edit the word files, you should have an activated office programs. Word unlicensed message shows only on word files. If you see the don’t see the unlicensed message on other excel or power point documents or outlook mail, then there are temporary glitches on your computer. We should manually repair the word program and then reopen the document. If you have the files in an non-editable formats, then the issues are not only with the unlicensed errors but also due to the read only permission issues. First read the messages on the top of the menu bar in order to conclude the issue. If you see the unlicensed message, then you can follow the below steps to see if that gets fixed. You can restart your computer once. You can also try to re-login to your office account on your word program. Try to repair the word program Try to reinitialize the word related services.

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