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Product information Technical Details Weight 30 Grams Ingredient Type ‎Vegetarian Exquisite Delight: Cadbury Nutties Chocolate Savour the richness of Cadbury chocolate as it envelops smooth nougat and crunchy nuts, creating a blissful harmony of flavours. Each bite is a sensorial journey, awakening your palate to the perfect balance of sweetness and crunch. Experience chocolate indulgence at its finest with Cadbury Nutties. Smooth Nougat Elegance: A Cadbury Signature Crafted with precision, the velvety nougat within each chocolate piece adds a layer of sophistication to the indulgence. Its smooth texture complements the rich chocolate, creating a luxurious experience that defines the Cadbury signature. Elevate your chocolate cravings with the refined elegance of smooth nougat. Crunchy Nut Bliss: A Textural Symphony The inclusion of crunchy nuts adds a delightful contrast, elevating the chocolate experience to new heights. Whether it's almonds, hazelnuts, or a medley of nuts, each piece offers a satisfying crunch that enhances the overall enjoyment. Revel in the symphony of textures that Cadbury Nutties brings to your chocolate indulgence.

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