Finding Good CCTV Camera Based Security Solutions


You will find several options if you are looking for the best CCTV camera in India at Zicom. Z Secure Premises or ZSP is the umbrella option for the wide range of monitoring and security solutions and it is backed by more than two decades of expertise in deep-learning domains while also enabling market leadership with regard to technology and safety-backed surveillance. This security solution also takes into account aspects like remote health monitoring which is a service keeping a tab on optimum health and functionality of the entire system for CCTV surveillance. This ensures swift and early action and detection for tackling malfunctions with downtime kept at a minimum. There is also quick identification and rectification of faults while alerts are issued in a timely manner regarding disks being full, hard disk failures, disk errors, video loss, 24-hour responses and network failures if any.

The Virtual Security Guard tool offers unmatched monitoring on a 24-hour basis, with alerts being given regularly on smartphones. This enables people to stay updated regarding the security of businesses or homes on the move. The service is accompanied by video-based verification of all alarms along with two-way audio communication and daily reporting and dashboards, making sure that clients get the best possible security surveillance at just 20% of the price and 200% of the effectiveness level, in comparison to any physical security guard who is safeguarding the premises in question. The 24 hour response management setup dispatches instant SMS-based alerts which clearly anticipate the fire stage and enables swift action before any losses.

There is a daily health check-up of this system as well in a bid to ensure smooth functioning round the clock. This ensures rapid prevention of any losses of life or property and also other damages. Customer footfall counting is another service which helps greatly in not only counting the walk-in count but also gathering smarter data in turn. From peak time, movement patterns and demographic profiles to other features, this is a highly efficient solution for businesses. There are time and attendance monitoring systems available as well.

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