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Interview with Karyn Scott, CMO at Kloudspot, Inc.


Karyn Scott, CMO at Kloudspot, Inc. discusses the tool’s efficiency in driving safety post COVID for schools, businesses. 1. Tell us how you came to be the CMO at Kloudspot. How much of your day is involved in interfacing with AI experts at Kloudspot for enhancing your GTM strategies? I’m a technology junkie. And, I’ve always been attracted to innovative, disruptive products and services that can truly enhance the way we live, work, learn and/or play. When Kloudspot CEO Guillermo Diaz, who I worked with at Cisco, reached out to me to brainstorm positioning and messaging for the company he had just joined, I was instantly absorbed by how the Kloudspot platform can help so many organizations safely re-open. As a marketer, if you are really lucky, once in your career you find a product-market fit with immediate demand and an opportunity to help the world. I accepted the job before he even made me the offer.

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