Essential Golf Tips for Left Handed Golfers


Learning golf is not a hard job for lefties as there are golf tips for left-handed golfers who are dying to learn the game as well as the right-handed ones. Indulging in sports is a thing that has to be taken seriously. It is not only good for physical well-being but also an exercise for the mind. A sport is a game that needs to be studied carefully; there has to be a game plan for every bout, and in every match, there is a need to surpass the previous statistics.

The theories are just the same whether one is right-handed or not. First comes the mastery of the mechanics and the rest will be thought of on which hand the player holds the club with. Novice players must take note that keeping the head down while during the entire swing is vital; it is a common mistake in golf committed by beginners in the sport. One need not take a look at where the ball has gone as one slight move will get a player out of focus.

Allow the body to rotate, followed by the hips in simultaneous fashion when doing a follow-through. Golf tips for left-handed golfers as told in books, as well as course pros, would always remind us that this movement which we call follow-through is the key element in achieving a solid shot.

Another thing to consider is the use of the dominant hand. The power used by the hand that you prefer, alongside the dominant side must be combined in driving through the ball upon contact with the club. It is not only the preferred hand that is considered here but also the side of the body of the player as it is where power comes from.

Swinging the body in a follow-through completes the movement. The balls of the feet must be the ones touching the ground. By doing this, the hips have surely rotated for the much-needed maximum power in driving the ball. This is one of the most important golf tips for left-handed golfers. They have to know that power comes from the hips when striking a shot.

Course management must not be left behind when teaching beginners how to play the game. A course is a ground where the game is played. As the player goes through the game, it can be noticed that there are, mostly, holes that turn to the left and to the right; we call them to dogleg holes. A draw shot must be learned so these holes can be played on effectively. In a draw shot, the ball is caused to curve to the right, for the lefties, and curving to the left for the otherwise.

As most reading materials you can get in the market are for righties, it’s all right for you to select one and purchase. One of the golf tips for left-handed golfers is to reverse instructions that you find and make it work by utilizing the other hand instead. It only takes a little practice but be sure that each practice time is worth it.

Bear in mind that there are left-handed clubs made just right for you. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using a regular club but since they were designed especially for the right-handed ones they may not work best for you. There are sets of clubs for your hand preference; you can choose from among a wide variety from sporting goods shops or even online. Anybody is welcome to learn golf; it only takes the right person to succeed in it and mastering the sport itself. For more information about Hamburg Golf and its Hamburg Location services, please visit

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