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Need of Virtual Assistants for Businesses

Businesses have automated many processes, including customer services with virtual assistants for business. But can they provide a human touch for customer interactions? In the tech era, businesses...

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Where Are We with Security Posture Initiatives?

Scott Gordon talks about how organizations are contending with increased cyber risk due to a worsening threat landscape and more organized threat actors. A recent 2022 Attack Surface Management Mat...

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AI in CyberSecurity & its Benefits

AI presents many advantages and applications in a variety of areas, cybersecurity being one of them. While AI is used in many fields, cybersecurity has drawn particular attention due to the increas...

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Benefits of AI in CyberSecurity

AI is increasingly integrated into businesses and used across many applications. What benefits does AI have for cybersecurity? In this article, we have highlighted various benefits of AI in cyberse...

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