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What does SS mean? Is Sterling Silver 925 worth?

SS is used as an abbreviation multiple times. In jewelry, SS refers to the concept of Stainless Steel. Sterling silver is also an abbreviation of SS, and it is a combination of 92.5% silver and 7.5...

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What are the benefits of wearing silver jewelry?

Silver is a valuable metal that has gained more popularity in recent years. People before the discovery of other valuable metals preferred this metal as their choice of jewelry. The price of these ...

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Where can I order fully custom jewellery?

With many items in Silver, there are multiple shops available. But very few people choose the personalization options available for fashion designs. Recently people prefer wearing beautiful fashion...

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What is the purpose of jewellery?

Most people buy jewels not just for their design but also as an investment. Gold has always been a valuable asset that can be replaced for money during times of need. But nowadays users are more co...

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