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If you want to use it,car radiator cap, you need to spend a lot of your own strength. Guti has a magic array under the use of Thor's Hammer Fortress. He borrowed the power of this magic array to fully wield the power of Thor's hammer, and it was because of this magic array that the magic imprisonment within the fortress became so strong. "Magic Array?" Ye Yinzhu and Zi looked at each other in surprise. The news was too important for them. If it is to rely on the magic array to urge the hammer of Thor, the first proof is that the hammer of Thor is powerful, even Guti, such a purple level eight strong need to rely on external forces. In addition, if this array can be destroyed,CNC machining parts, then the power of Thor's hammer will be weakened, or even disappear. If this is the case, it will be much more advantageous for the purple to attack here in

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